Clark is a UX designer and Microsoft alumni. He creates intuitive digital experience through user research and design techniques         

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A re-design of user flow and user interface of the core functions, and to make sure the the mini app delivering a fun and intuitive experience to its users...

Penguin Match 

Key Words: Product Design, Wireframes, User Persona

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Re-imagine user experience for services offered at the Robarts library and re-design the information kiosk to tackle user's pain points and to support self-service needs....

Robarts Info Kiosk UX Redesign

Key Words: Product Design, Experience Map, Lean UX, User Persona, User Observation

In many urban cities, parking is an important yet problematic task. In high-traffic areas such as the downtown Toronto core, many drivers struggle to find available parking. Moreover, it is difficult for drivers to compare parking rates between nearby parking spaces...

Key Words: Product Design, User Scenario, User Interview, Persona, Prototypes, Usability Testing


A re-design of Cineplex website UX focusing on information architecture anatomy, such as organization systems, labeling systems, navigation systems, search systems, top down IA, and bottom up IA...

Cineplex Website Information Architecture Re-design

Key Words:  Information Architecture, Site Map, Card Sorting, User Interview & Survey

flamon cover.jpg

Creative illustrations of monsters in flat design using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Flamon - Flat Monster Design

Key words: Illustration


Creative pixel arts created using Adobe Photoshop

Pixel People Project

Key Words: Pixel Art, Illustration




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