Penguin Match

A re-design of UX to deliver a fun and intuitive experience 



In China, it is no stranger for employees to eat lunch at company cafeteria. Employees, especially  new faces, wish to establish connections with colleagues, not only on their own teams, but also from other teams. Thus, my client wanted to build Penguin Matcha mini-app / function of Wechat, which might help users from large corporations to socialize with colleagues by matching their food preferences, particularly, for lunch.   



I worked as an individual contractor to refine the user experience for Penguin Match. My responsibilities include ,but not limited to, re-imagining the user task flow and building prototypes, and re-design user interface.... 



Unlike most of the projects I worked on before, my client knows exactly who is going to use this mini app. This is Penguin Match is designed to be used internally. This persona summarizes the motivations, bio, user pain points as well as objectives of the potential frequent users of Penguin Match.




The picture below demonstrates wireframes I designed for "match a lunch buddy",  one of the core functions of Penguin Match. The original wireframe was handed over to me from the team; however, I found the screens were very "boring" and overloaded with buttons/options that might distract user's attention.  Thus I minimized numbers of button/options on the screen, and only kept the ones that are necessary. I also added gamification elements onto the screens in order to make the mini-app fun to use... (sorry for those who can't read the language). 

"Match a Lunch Buddy" User Flow  (the 2nd screen is not part of the task)



Last but not the least, the style of the UI has been modified to match with the branding of the client. The main color code is #F09498, and the font is PingFang SC.



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