Pixel People


Ming is a Grade 9 student who just moved from Beijing to Kyoto with his parents. He is now studying at City Academy

Riku & Niko

Riku and Niko are two Grade 9 students from City Academy in Kyoto. 


A street dog in Kyoto

"Pixel People " is one of the side projects I recently started; 

it is inspired by "Pixel People", a mobile game published by 

Lamb Damu Pte under the same name. I currently have 

four characters done ( three students & a dog) , and I hope to add a few more items to this project in the future...

Some pixel games you don't wanna miss: 

Pixel People: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pixel-people/id1378223138

Kairosoft Series: http://kairopark.jp/android/en/

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