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a smart transportation project aims solving parking

problems in urban cities


Online Renewal of Parking Reservation

It is 3:00pm on Saturday and Alex is catching up with some of his old friends at a cafe in downtown Toronto. They are visiting Toronto for a few days and it is the only day they are available to meet. The conversation is going very well when Alex receives a notification on his smartwatch to remind him that his parking reservation is about to expire in 20 minutes. As he knows that he will not be able to see his friends again in the near future, he does not want to leave yet. He wants to renew the parking reservation, but he finds it a hassle to walk back to his car to renew it. Fortunately, he remembers that he can renew the reservation on his smartphone instead of going all the way back to the parking lot. Alex takes out his smartphone and opens the system. He looks through his reservation history to find the on-going parking event. Since the parking reservation has not expired yet, the system provides him with an option to renew the it. After deciding to extend his reservation for another hour, he is able to renew his reservation with one simple step because his payment information is already stored. After payment is completed, a confirmation notification is sent to both his smartphone and his smartwatch. Alex completes the parking renewal process without having to step out of the cafe

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